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Minatojima Nakamachi 7-7-6, Chuo-ku, Kobe city, 650-0046
TEL 078-302-5177 FAX 078-302-4816


HOURS (last admission: 30 minutes before closing)
Monday-Thursday  09:30-16:30
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, National holidays, spring and summer vacations
(Last planetarium show starts from 19:00)
*No admission from 30 minutes before closing time.


Wednesday (If Wednesday is a public holiday, our museum is closed the next day.)
Scheduled days for maintenance from September 4th, 2017 to September 6th, 2017.
Year-end/New Year’s holidays from December 28th, 2017 to January 4th, 2018.
(Our museum opens every day during the spring and summer vacations.)


Exhibit Rooms






Adults(Ages 18 and up)





Students(elementary to high school)





*Young children: free of charge
*Groups (30 or more) must make reservations in advance by telephone


By train: Take Port Liner Railway to Minami Koen station, then follow the signs.
Our museum is about 3 minutes on foot from the station.
*No parking available

Exhibit Rooms



Main Building
Understanding science and technology through the human body


Exhibit Room 1 (1F)

・Dynamics & Mechanics
・Materials & Energy

The exhibits in this room are designed to help you understand science and technology by looking at something familiar to all of us – our own bodies. “Life – Microcosm of Science” shows the construction of the human body, “Dynamics & Mechanics” explains the basics of physics, and “Materials & Energy” explains basic chemistry, all in a simple and easy to understand manner.


◆Mechanism for Changing the Magnitude of Direction of Force ◆Jump Test ◆”Man-made Human”Robots ◆Carriages for Airplanes, Automobiles, and Shinkansen ◆Air Rocket,  and more

★Science Experiment Show at Chemical Workshop 
Experiment Show is held every day as following schedule; 
Time: 10:30~(for 20 min.)


Exhibit Room 2 (3F)

・Information Science

Focusing on the technology of computers and telecommunications that play such an important part in information systems, the information science and technology vital to our modern way of life are explained. There is also a “hands-on” section where you can use new telecommunications equipment and computers.

◆Future Pass ◆Parabola Antenna ◆Sensor Jungle ◆Railroad Model ◆Line Tracer ◆Sense of Sight and Sound, and more

Exhibit Room 3 (2F)

・Space and Earth

You can learn about the earth and the other planets of the solar system through the realistic simulation on the huge screen. “Time Hopper”, “Researching Door” and “Earth Investigating Scope” are new items to stimulate your brain and heart.



New Building
Science and technology serving human needs


Exhibit Room 4 (2F)

・Science and Technology in Kobe

You can learn how the science and technology in Kobe are related to the worldwide future. Let’s challenge the various missions in the view of our town in Kobe. Super Computer is located in the stairwell to recognize how it is related with our usual life.


◆Super computer “Kei” , and more
★KOBE Skywalk 
Experience making composite images with a chroma key.
(Limit of 10 groups per session)
①10:00 ②12:00 ③14:00 (Session lasts about 30 mins.)

Exhibit Room 5 ( 3F)

・Life Science

These exhibits showing the structure and function of an organism, its lifetime and the mechanism of life will encourage you to think about the value of life. The topical subject of bio-engineering is also touched upon. 


◆Bio Kids Lab ◆Tunnels of the Human Body ◆Genome ◆DNA ◆Viscera Puzzle ◆iPS cells  ◆Medicines  ◆Cancer Treatment  ◆Biotechnology, and more

Exhibit Room 6 (1F)

・Creative Science

The many hands-on exhibits on this floor open up an enjoyable and fascinating world of science as you discover and experience through play, the science encountered in our everyday lives. You will learn about science by playing with familiar toys, and can find out about basic science and its applications through a hang-glider simulator and experiments at Experiment Plaza.


★Hang Glider ★Fun Experiment Square
◆Amazing Kaleidoscope ◆Wonder Room ◆Mysterious Ball Motion ◆Toy Plaza ◆Play Square ◆Human-Powerd Elevator, and more
Hang Glider 
Elementry school students and older up to 60kg.
(15 participants per session)
①10:30  ②12:45 ③15:00 (Session lasts about 30 mins.)

★Science Experiment Show at “Fun Experiment Square”
Experiment Show is held every day as following schedule; 
Time: 14:00~(Show lasts about 20 mins.)


OBSERVATORY (Main Building, Take stairs from 4F to 5F)

The observatory is equipped with a refracting astronomical telescope with a 25 cm aperture and a small telescope for use in astronomy classes and meetings for observing the heavens.


Hours: ①11:40~12:00  ②14:30~14:50(Apr. to Sep.) 13:30~13:50(Oct. to Mar.)


PLANETARIUM (Main Building 1F)

The planetarium has a 20 m diameter dome and is equipped with over 100 computer-controlled projectors capable of projecting 25,000 stars. The drama of the heavens that unfolds before your eyes will not only fascinate you but also teach you about basic astronomy. Special school programs produced in accordance with preschool, primary, junior and high school educational guidelines are also shown.

For the time schedules of the planetarium

10:00 11:10 12:20 13:30 14:40 16:00 17:30 19:00
MON~Thu Science Children Live Science Children Healing
FRI/Sat/Sun/Holiday Science Children Live Science Children Healing Live Special

Children:program for children; Science:science program; Live:live commentary program; Healing: healing through star viewing; Special: special program
*Capacity of 230 seats for each showing (no entry allowed after showing starts).
*Children in the 3rd grade of elementary school or younger must be accompanied by an adult.
*Children in junior high school or younger must be accompanied by an adult for showings that start at 17:30 or later.
*Showings may be canceled due to planetarium maintenance.For more information ,please call.
*On evenings with events such as star watching or the “Planetarium event”program,the 17:30 and 19:00 showings at the planetarium are suspended.
*The program may be changed when school groups have reservations.

Other Important Information

*No eating or drinking in the museum (except for the basement lobby).
  Smoking is prohibited inside the museum and in all surrounding areas.
*Tours  are not allowed for unaccompanied elementary school and junior high school students   after18:00.
*No entry to the planetarium is allowed after a showing has started.